Auto Accident Lawyers to Help You

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Accidents do happen, even here in Pennsylvania. Certain lawyers specialize in areas of law that have to do with auto accidents or workers compensation lawsuits. If you, or someone you know, have been affected by one of those cases, there is a lawyer that can help you settle your case.

Auto accident lawyers in Pennsylvania specialize in cases regarding negligence between the driver at fault and you. An accident lawyer goes beyond your insurance company and paying for damages that happened with your car. If you are harmed, the lawyer can help you find a physician who understands the importance of relaying detailed information about the injuries as well as possible future injuries that may arise from the accident. The lawyer can help you receive more than just compensation required to be seen by the doctor or for surgeries in more serious cases. Auto accident lawyers can even help with lost income that may have been a result from the injuries. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law imposes strict filing deadlines so it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you have been involved in an auto accident.

Workers’ compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania specialize in cases regarding injury that takes place in the work space. You employer is required to carry insurance in the case that an employee in injured, becomes ill or dies due to work-related circumstances. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act you are entitled to payment for certain medial and rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, specific loss benefits as well as death benefits. Workers’ compensation lawyers will help create a strong case that will entitle you to compensation regarding accidents that happen in the work place. Most workers’ compensation lawyers deal with accidents involving slips & falls, disability, wrongful death, work vehicle accidents, construction accidents or factory machine accidents, but are not limited to those. If you have been involved in a work related accident, contact a lawyer immediately to learn about the recompense that you may be entitled to.

For both types of circumstances, make sure to ask for a written retainer agreement. This agreement ensures that the lawyer you have hired has agreed to take on your case and is aware of the time that it may take to complete it. Many times the agreement may look short and simple, but make sure to thoroughly read the entire agreement before signing.


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